Sweet Air is the capital of the Staties, found in southern Miracle Glade. 

Sweet Air
Sweet air
Map of State Park found in Sweet Air
Type Town
Race Human1Human2 Human (Staties)
Population 950
Leader(s) Ecologist Stephen
Faction Staties
Language(s) English

Staties , Aura Valley Alliance

Location Southern Miracle Glade
Helicopter Operator Yes


History and Present TimesEdit

It was actually originally built by people from Lakes Basin, like merchants and fishermen, and living out in Sweet Air, was like living in the middle of nowhere, as one had to travel through the unexpored, untamed Miracle Glade to get there. The village was the only safe haven in Miracle Glade back then, asides from Miracle Falls. It was soon used as a launch point into the State Park by the Shine Guard, and it was operated by the Shine Guard. However, when the Shine Guard moved a large amount of its presence from Sweet Air to the site of where Glenbrook was to be built, the city shifted into Statie hands. The Staties now call Sweet Air their capital and is a huge crossroads trade hub. Route 16 leads into Miracle Glade to the Waterhut, the gravel trail leads to the dirt path and the border of Miracle Glade and Shady Glade, Route 15 leads into Desolate Plains, and the Blue, Yellow, Green, and White Trails all have connections with Sweet Air.