The symbol of the Staties

The Staties are a fierce, almost feral organization of people who want to perserve the environment. They control the most territory out of any other faction in the Aura Valley, largely due to their possession over the massive State Park. They are allied with the Shine Guard and the Brotherhood of the Black Forest. Relations with the Shind Guard seem to be friendly, although all Staties hate the Black Foresters. They grudgingly allied with them in case of a larger common threat.

Staties' OriginEdit

Staties apparently have been thriving in the southern forests of the Aura Valley for centuries, living in Miracle Glade, Shady Glade, and the northern parts of the State Park. Because of their isolation, many are still feral-like and lash out on enemies viciuosly.

Discovery of the StatiesEdit

Members of the early Shine Guard first found out about the Staties' existance when two members witnessed a gang fight between the Grassblasters and Staties in the middle of the dirt path separating Lakes Basin and Miracle Glade. The Grassblasters were vastly outnumbered, and those who did not retreat were dragged into Miracle Glade by the Staties, where they were presumably killed. Bewildered by this the two members reported to their leader. The Shine Guard were afraid that they'd encounter another hostile gang when entering the Miracle Glade. A few days later, many reports from the Shine Guard of Miracle Falls stating that strange-looking people were walking around the outskirts of town were brought in. The Shine Guard decided to investigate, where they found out it was the same group as before. The Shine Guard attempted to negotiate with them, fearing that they'd attack the Shine Guard members at Miracle Falls. The negotiations proved succesful, and an alliance was forned between the two groups. In the negotiations, the Shine Guard discovered that Grassblasters had encroached into their lands and placed a radio in the forested hills of Miracle Glade. The radio recorded all the Staties' actions. The Shine Guard, wanting to even further more strengthen relations with the Staties, dismantled the radio. Since then, Staties and members of the Shine Guard work together to claim more territory, establish more bases, and to defeat common threats.


Many members of the Staties are enigmas. Enigmas are those who can wield the power of nature. Most Staties are energy (plant) enigmas, many others are earth enigmas, rock enigmas, metal enigmas, water enigmas, ice enigmas, and wind enigmas.

The Staties claim for more territory and relations with the Brotherhood of the Black ForestEdit

In recent times, The Staties set aside a large amount of land, where nothing even moderately industrial could be built. They named the area the State Park, and apparently named themselves after the park. It is unknown what their name was beforehand. The Black Forest was included in this large area of land, and the Brotherhood of the Black Forest, a shady group that resided in the area were outraged. Statie patrollmen policed the area and enforced their strict policies of conserving nature. The Black Foresters frequently broke the Staties' strict mandates. After a while, the Black Foresters were so fed up with the Staties that they actively protested against it. Shine Guard members first ventured into this zone after chasing Verde, a Grassblaster general, and a small contingent of Grassblaster soldiers into the zone. The Grassblasters terrorized the Brotherhood of the Black Forest town of Black Stream, until the Shine Guard members arrived. The two fought, and soon the Grassblasters gained the upper hand, although not too much later, a brigade of Black Foresters arrived at the scene and opened fire on the Grassblasters. Unfortunately, Verde got away. The Shine Guard members and the Brotherhood made a loose alliance, stating that members of both faction scould enter the others' lands and would be protected in them. After the alliance with the Shine Guard was made, many members of the Brotherhood traveled to Shine Guard towns and rallied up followers to their cause, which was to allow the Black Forest to be its own separate state. The subject of liberating the Black Forest became very public and controversial. After being denied by the Staties multible times, the Brotherhood marched through the State Park on the White Trail, attacking Reddot and Shady Glade Picnic Area. The Staties eventually met up with the Black Foresters at the entrance of the Black Forest, and an epic fight ensued. Shine Guard members were able to stop the fight and negotiated with the Staties to let the Black Forest be its own zone. The Staties reluctantly complied. Although the Black Foresters had to agree to let Staties enter their territory unharmed and to allow them to stay at their bases, and vice versa. Although now that the Shine Guard, Staties, and the Brotherhood of the Black Forest are all allied, the Staties and the Black Foresters still have a rivalry.

Territory owned by StatiesEdit

Here is the territory that the Staties have/had control over.

Miracle Glade

Desolate Plains

Shady Glade

State Park

Bases opertaed by the StatiesEdit

Miracle Glade

  • Miracle Falls (co-operated with Shine Guard)
  • The Waterhut (previously known as the Statie Information Center.)
  • Sweet Air

Desolate Plains

  • Entrance Town

Shady Glade

  • Shady Rapids

State Park

  • Pine Crossing
  • Shady Glade Picnic Area
  • High Rock Point
  • Barley Pond
  • Stansbury
  • Tranquility
  • Reddot
  • Green Glade Pond

The Staties, as of now, operate the most bases out of the Staties, Shine Guard, and Brotherhood of the Black Forest.