Shady Glade is a very small zone located southeast of Miracle Glade , and north of the State Park. It is the smallest 

Shady Glade
Statie Territory
Capital Shady Rapids
Population 475
Races Human1Human2 Human (Staties)
Faction Staties
Ruler Lewis Fairbanks
Major settlements ?
Minor settlements Shady Beach
Location Central Aura Valley

zone. It only contains of one legitimate community.


  • Shady Beach- A very small sandy rock shore on the southern bank of the Orange River. There is only a few tents and people here.
  • Shady Rapids- Located in the very eastern end of the zone. It is a moderately sized town. It is located by a series of rapids at the Orange River. It is only on the northern banks of the Orange River.


Shady Glade is completely forested. The Orange River flows in the center of this zone throughout the whole thing, before going under a fence into a privately owned ranch. This zone is part of the Orange River Valley along with Miracle Glade .

Faction ControlEdit

-Staties- complete control.