Lakes Basin
Shine Guard (Contested with Grassblasters)
Lakes Basin

Southernmost Lake of the Lakes Basin

Capital Streamside
Population 1,000

Human1Human2 Human (Shine Guard , Grassblasters)

Helf 1Helf 2 High Elf (Cardinal Rangers, Shine Guard)

Faction Shine Guard , Grassblasters, Cardinal Rangers
Ruler Marshall Miller (Shine Guard), Garret (Grassblasters)
Major settlements Orangewater Town, Tadpole City
Minor Settlements Market Square, Ninetown (destroyed), Axetree (ruined), Route 2 Communities
Location North-Central Aura Valley

The Lakes Basin is a northern zone located in central-to northwestern Aura Valley. It is surrounded by dirt paths on its Western and Northern Side. It only shares a land border with the zone of Miracle Glade , which is to its southeast.


The Lakes Basin is a fairly safe zone, particularly on its southern side, around the two lakes. It is where the base of the growing Shine Guard is located, in Streamside. They were formed to combat the notorious Grassblasters, that make their home in the northern woods of The Lakes Basin. After the Grassblasters' destruction of the village of Ninetown, the Shine Guard has sent many troops to Orangewater Town, which lays on the southwestern edge of the woods. Around the lakes, the area is much safer and Shine Guard police the area to fight the grassblasters if they decide to venture south from their forest homes.


The Lakes Basin was first inhabited by humans from America about 100 years ago. The people set up various towns and villages around the Lakes Basin and it was a haven for all. The people did have their own groups, but they were all friendly to each other. The towns were

  • Eagles' Nest- now destroyed. Southwest of Ninetown. Belonged to Science Detectives.
  • Ninetown- now in ruins. The largest and most prosperous of the towns. Ninetown watched over and owned most of the other towns. Ninetown was almost like its' own little empire.
  • Axetree- Now in ruins. A Science Detectives Town. About directly west of Orangewater Town.
  • Little River- A small village on the Orange River. Southeast of Ninetown. Operated by Ninetown.
  • Swampville- The town that was the hardest hit. No trace of Swampville exists today. It was in right outside of the Aquifer Woods Swamp. Operated by Ninetown.
  • Orangewater Town- The only town in the Lakes Basin that has continually operated from its' beginning. It was an independent town that was allied with Ninetown and the Science Detectives.
  • Baseton- South of where Tadpole City is today. On the shore of the northern lake. Belonged to Science Detectives.
  • Huntston- A small town on the east shore of the Northern Lake. Around the opening of Route 4 is today.
  • Lexi's Hold- A Science Detectives base in between the two lakes.
  • Nico's Point- A Science Detectives Base where the Route 2 Lookout is today.
  • Blossom Vale- On the exact location of where Tadpole City is today. It was operated by the Science Detectives. It was destroyed and Tadpole City was built on its ruins.
  • Anvilshore- A sprawling port town on the southern shore of the South Lake, on the southern border of the Lakes Basin. It was the first hit and was largely destroyed. Only the docks remain today. A Ninetown operated town. Laid on the horizontal stretch of Route 7.

Now until about 4 years ago, the towns all operated peacefully. One day, an unexpected invasion of the Hookhands, a psychopathic group who cut off their hands and placed various sharp metal objects in their place, invaded the Lakes Basin, most likely because of the group's banishment from the Lakes Basin years before. Almost all the towns were completely destroyed, and many people were killed. Blossom Vale, Anvilshore, and Swampville were the hardest hit of the towns. Almost all people living in these 3 towns were slaughtered and there is no trace of these towns today except for the docks of Anvilshore. Ninetown furiously tried to fight back and save some towns, but the small Ninetown contingent of soldiers was quickly decimated. When the Hookhands came to destroy Ninetown, the small group of Ninetown soldiers were able to fend off the Hookhands. The few remaining Hookhands were scattered, and retreated back south. After the invasion had ended. All towns were destroyed or in ruins except for Ninetown and Orangewater Town, that was surprisingly never even attacked. Ninetown quickly began to rebuild its town. Many people from the destroyed towns that Ninetown operated asked for Ninetown's help. Ninetown, however, did not listen, due to them rebuilding their own town. Ninetown offically abandoned Swampville, Little River, and Anvilshore. Orangewater disproved of this but did nothing. Some of these newly homeless people found refuge in Orangewater Town. Many of them did not. The majority of the refugees joined together and created the Grassblasters, a criminal group originally founded to destroy Ninetown. The Grassblasters conducted many guerilla attacks of Ninetown, stealing food and weapons. Although Ninetown viewed the Grassblasters as nothing but a nuisance, the Grassblasters were slowly crippling the already vulnerable Ninetown. Soon Ninetown was very weak and depleted, and the once great town of Ninetown asked the lowly village of Orangewater for help. Orangewater did help Ninetown, and soon Orangewater became a target for the Grassblasters too. The Grassblasters slowly gained power and influence. After it became too dangerous to leave one's house if they lived in the forest (Ninetown and Orangewater), the people of Ninetown found a way to contact the U.S and told them about their problem. A small group of soldiers were sent. The soldiers allied themselves with Orangewater, Ninetown, and all the other non-grassblasters in the region. (Tadpole City, Route 2 Communities). They later became the Shine Guard and were able to purge the Grassblasters from around the lakes. Although the Grassblasters remained strong in the forests. After the destruction of Ninetown, the Shine Guard built a massive base on the Orange River west of the forest, where they combat the Grassblasters to this day.

Major SettlementsEdit

  • Streamside- New town built on the side of the Orange River in the field in the northwestern edge of the area. It is where the Shine Guard's base of operations is located. It was built here because it is at a close proximity to the woods where the Grassblasters mainly operate in the zone.
  • Orangewater Town- An ancient community on the western banks of the North Orange River. It is located in the southeastern area of the woods in the northern area of the zone. It lies in the shadow of the Grassblasters' apparent territory. It was originally was established to protect the wildlife and environment in the Aquifer Woods Swamp, which is now in the hands of the Grassblasters, where it is now used as a slave camp. The town is now mainly used as the Shine Guard's main line of offense against the Grassblasters located in the woods.
  • Tadpole City- A very small village/ camp on the northwestern edge of the more north lake. It is located on a small penninsula at the mouth of the Orange River into the northernmost lake.It is named after the large quantities of tadpoles found in the surrounding waters of the area in the spring and early summer. It is is the only settlement in The Lakes Basin that has never been attacked by the Grassblasters, most likely due to the inconvienences one must face to get to the village itself.

Minor SettlementsEdit

  • Market Square- A long rectangular clearing in the woods. Many merchants and sellers sold their goods here. It was in close proximity to Orangewater Town, The Aquifer Woods Swamp, and Ninetown. This is most likely why it thrived. Nowadays, the clearing is used as a road by the grassblasters to walk between their holdings at the swamp and their base to the south of the clearing. Fortunately, the Grassblasters have not used this path in awhile since the construction of their underground tunnels. On certain days, some forlorn merchants still travel here to sell their products, in hope that someone will return.
  • Ninetown- Ninetown was a ? village southwest from Orangewater Town, Southeast from Market Square and the swamp, and almost directly east of Streamside. It is located in the southeastern-central area of the woods. It is located on the southern banks of the Orange River. It was fortified by a small wall of felled trees. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to its people, Ninetown was only about 2 minutes' walk from the Grassblasters' entrance to their underground base. Because of this, the Grassblasters sacked Ninetown, slaughtering or enslaving its inhabitants, the people who were able to escape fled to Orangewater Town or the new community of Streamside. It is now under control of the Grassblasters who have set up a camp in its ruins.
  • Axetree- The ruins of a former town near Orangewater Town. Members of the Science Detectives crawl around the area, still friendly to Orangewater and the rest of the Shine Guard.
  • Route 2 Communities- A litter of houses based around Route 2 on the southeastern edges of the northern pond, and the northern and northwestern edges of the southern pond.


Lakes Basin has a generally normal climate. It has oaks, maples, and pines. It is also one of the most wet zones, with the Orange, Swamp, North Orange rivers, a swamp, two marshes, and two ponds. It has many features that other zones solely have as it has fields in its western corner and central area, a wooded area in the north and east of the southern pond, a mountainous area running almost the entirety of the length of the southern edges of the woods.

Faction ControlEdit

  1. Shine Guard
  2. Grassblasters