High Elves
Gold star on deep red

The Cardinal Rangers' Crest

Affiliation Cardinal Rangers, Shine Guard
Base of Operations Shimmer Vale
Leader Sirdaer Sunbreeze
Race: Helf 1Helf 2 High Elf

The High Elves are a very small race that lives in the southern hills of the State Park. The Elves, even recently had a great empire that spanned much of the southern State Park, before the Staties ever crossed the Little Gunpowder. The ruins of their civilization can still be clearly seen and found on the Sawmill Branch Trail and Boundary Trail.

Great CivilizationEdit

Not much is known of their civilization, but that it spanned from around the current location of Shimmer Vale, and near the entrance of the Black Forest. They had several towns, the only one surviving now Shimmer Vale , and a great city that was based around Green Glade Pond. There is still wreckage on the Blue Trail(Boundary) by the Green Glade Pond, and there is a small tower-like structure actually in the Green Glade Pond.


The High Elves are the people who gave the Staties their enigma powers, when apparently at some point long ago, some Staties wandered far from their original holdings and into High Elven territory. They must've did something to please the elves, as the Staties were given some enigmatic powers, that the Staties than taught to others, and passed down through the generations of Staties. The Elves are "magical" but most elves are just enigmas. Certain Staties may have more magical prowess than some elves.

The Elves' DeclineEdit

Apparently there was some corruption in the elves' government, that lead to inner turmoil, and betrayal by one of the high ranking elves against the city. A civil war began, and the civilization was mostly destroyed, and many of the elves died in battle or were civilians who were slaughtered. The survivors all now reside in the one high elven town of their civilization that was not destroyed, Shimmer Vale. Shimmer Vale is a small town and well off the path, and those factors could be the reason why it was never destroyed.

Present DayEdit

For unknown reasons, the High Elves now call themselves the Cardinal Rangers, a group which many of them say they are affiliated under. They are the latest group so far to join the Aura Valley Alliance. The elves were discovered by Staties who were making the Cross Trail when the trail went right past Shimmer Vale . The elves later sent diplomats to Creek Woods, the Black Foresters capital, and Sweet Air, the Staties capital, and apparently were sent one to the Shine Guard so they could join the Aura Valley Alliance (ava). The diplomat to the Shine Guard never arrived, and soonafter, Shine Guard officals later learned that the high elven diplomat never got far as he was killed by Grassblasters from the Grassblasters' new base in the State Park, Vandalsaw Hold not very far from Shimmer Vale. It turned out that Vandalsaw Hold was only about 5 minutes walk from Shimmer Vale and posed a major threat to the elves. The Shine Guard sent officals to aid the elves and make the alliance at Shimmer Vale. After the alliance was made, the Shine Guard showed their loyalty by helping the elves attack Vandalsaw Hold. After this, many elves have traveled to the Lakes Basin to help the Shine Guard 's cause, and some have even joined the Shine Guard.