Gunpowder Glen is a zone located northwest of the State Park and southwest of the Corn Maze. It is named so?

Gunpowder Glen
Shine Guard

The Bridge that spans between the Corn Maze and Gunpowder Glen (looking into Gunpowder Glen)

Capital Cylinder Tube
Population 2,500
Races Human1Human2 Human (Shine Guard)
Faction Shine Guard
Ruler Mayor Halloway, Commander Davis
Major settlements Glenbrook, Old Farmtown (ruined)
Minor Settlements Rocky Overlook, Route 17 Communities
Location Northwestern Aura Valley

as it's whole southwestern border is the Little Gunpowder River.

Major CommunitiesEdit

  • Cylinder Tube- Cylinder Tube is a sprawling town in the very northeastern corner of Gunpowder Glen. The town is based around a depression in the ground filled with multible metal cylindrical hollow tubes. This town has been attacked by the Corn Maze Grassblasters dozens of times, but it still stands as one of the currently 3 cities of Aura Valley.
  • Old Farmtown- Located southwest down Route 18 from Cylinder Tube, the slightly larger than average town was inhabitated by people living in old fram equipment, the town was littered with old farm equipment such as rakes, tractor wheels, and wood. It had a population smaller than Cylinder Tube and in size it was about equal to Miracle Falls. When corn maze Grassblasters attacked Cylinder Tube, the militia there pushed the Grassblasters out of the town, the Grassblasters soon arrived at Old Farmtown, where they destroyed the town and killed many residents. The residents who lived escaped mainly to Cylinder Tube, another large amount of people founded Glenmill Camp, a militiative camp in Southern Corn Maze to combat the Grassblasters there, and a few escaped downstream to the State Park or Rocky Overlook. The town now lays in ruins.

Minor CommunitiesEdit

  • Route 17 Communities- Many people have made their homes on the eastern banks of the Little Gunpowder River in the field in southwestern Gunpowder Glen on Route 17.
  • Rocky Overlook- located in southwestern Gunpowder Glen. It is actually most easily accessed by a path from the Red Dot trail in the State Park. It consists of rocky cliffs and flat shores on the bottom of a hill right on the Little Gunpowder River. It is, as of now, the northernmost port for the Little Gunpowder River Ferry, with the southernmost being Greene Bridge, although it is rumored an even more northern port town will be built farther up the shore.


Gunpowder Glen, on its southeastern corner is very forested. On its southern side it consists of a grassy path between two forested hills, the northern hill part of Gunpowder Glen and the southern hill part of the State Park, the southwestern corner is rocky coast and a big open field. The whole northern side is consisted of forest and a privately owned ranch and pond.

Faction ControlEdit

-Shine Guard - complete control.

-Grassblasters- Although they have no base here, they have a high presence in the Corn Maze, which is on this zone's eastern and northern borders. They have also razed a full-fledged town too. There is no control over the area but there is influence.